New to the club? Start Here!

Welcome to the club!  We are so glad you have joined us.

Below you will find some pertinent details on what to expect this season.  You will get up-to-date information via email as well throughout the season, both from your coach/team manager, and from us.

1) When do I find out what team my child has been placed on?
        a) Registration for the season is now open, please click here to register, and click here for further details and payment options

2) Where do I need to go to order my child's uniform kit?
        a) Click here to go to the Challenger webstore to place your order.  Please do not order your child's uniform until you have been notified of your child's number.

3) When do practices begin and where will they be held?
        a) SSC officially opens for Fall season practices on August 1st.  Each coach will communicate to their teams what their specific start date and time will be, as well as the weekly cadence of practices during the season.  Most teams will practice at the Foss Road fields (see Field Locations tab for directions), and U13/U14 teams will play on the field behind Saco Middle School.

4) How long is the season?
        a) Fall Classic League schedules are determined by Soccer Maine, and are typically published at the beginning of the season.  There are typically 8 games (4 home, 4 away), generally on Sundays.  There are also between 2-4 "Friendlies," or scrimmages that are played with other teams in the area.  These do not count toward season rankings (for U12 and up competitive teams), and are sometimes played on Saturdays or in place of a weekly practice.  There are two tournaments we play in, one over Labor Day and one Columbus Day (specific details will be sent as they become available).  At the end of the season, there are playoffs for U12 and older, and a fun "Festival" mini tournament for U9-U11 teams.  

5)  What if the weather looks bad on a practice day?
        a) Saco Parks & Rec dictates field closures.  Refer to their website's scrolling banner for up-to-date cancellations.  If practice hasn't been cancelled, but the weather looks "iffy," please DO NOT just drop your child off and leave.  Please stay at the fields for the practice.  If there is thunder or lightning, we do not have a place for the kids to safely go to wait the required 20 minutes to see if the storm passes.  If there is thunder or lightning, we must all go as quickly as possible to our cars to wait safely.

6) Can I bring our dog to my child's practice or game?
        a) At this time, dogs are not prohibited from the Foss Road fields.  They must be controlled/leashed, and picked up after.  Please note that most of the locations of our away games do not allow dogs, so it is wise to leave them home.

7) What is the club Code of Conduct, and who needs to sign it?
        a) the SSC Code of Conduct is a document that needs to be reviewed and signed by all parents, players and coaches of Saco Soccer Club.  It is a very important component to insuring the most positive experience for everyone.  It can be found here

8) I have some extra time and would like to help volunteer.  What can I do?
        a) Great!  We need as many people as we can, in many different capacities.  Please email us at, and include any specific things you might be interested in.  Our greatest need currently is for coaching and fundraising.