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Soccer Maine

Soccer Maine

All youth soccer in the United States is governed by the US Youth Soccer Assocation.  Downstream from US Youth Soccer, each State has their own governing body for the coordination and rules for playing soccer in that State.

Soccer Maine is the governing body of youth soccer in the state of Maine. Information on Soccer Maine can be found at their website, www.soccermaine.com.

As rules change nationally, Soccer Maine is a good resource to learn what those changes are, so make sure to check their site often.  Below are a few major changes that have been/will be taking place:

Soccer Maine adopted the best practices of small sided games when it was first introduced over ten years ago. Other states are just catching up with what is best for our developing youth players. In 2016, new best practice mandates will have Soccer Maine introducing a slight change in number of players on the field with a move to 7v7 for U9 and U10, and 9v9 for U11 and U12.

The newly mandated Calendar Year Change will move ONLY the Premier League to a January 1-December 31 soccer registration year.  This does NOT impact town travel clubs playing in the Fall Classic League, such as Saco Soccer Club.  This has been confusing for many. Even at the national level, they have had to recently reissue the charts that they originally posted to better clarify the age groups.    

For Fall Classic, there will be virtually no change for the fall of 2017 as Soccer Maine will keep our fall in-state league and teams on the current school calendar basis.  Players will continue to be able to play up with their school-grade friends if they are young for their grade.

For information about the Soccer Maine governing rules for the Fall Classic League, including Seeding for Playoffs for U12 & up teams, please click here to access the Soccer Maine handbook.