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Saco Soccer Club

By-Laws of the Saco Soccer Club Accepted May 22, 2018



Section 1         Names: The name of this organization is the Saco Soccer Club (SSC).

Section 2    Location:  Located in the city of Saco, York County, Maine.  The location of the office may change from time to time within the city of Saco



Section 1         Affiliation: This organization shall maintain an affiliation with Soccer Maine (USFM), the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), and with the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA).

Section 2         The USSF and Soccer Maine Articles of Incorporation, by-laws, policies and requirements take precedence over and supersede the governing documents and decisions of SSC and its members to the extent applicable under Maine state law. SSC and its members will abide by these Articles, by-laws, policies and requirements of Soccer Maine.

Section 3         The by-laws of the SSC and other governing documents will be provided annually to Soccer Maine. SSC will allow Soccer Maine to review the documents and procedures of the SSC on request of Soccer Maine, not less than every four years, to determine compliance with USSF and Soccer Maine by-laws.



Section 1         The purpose of SSC shall be:

A.        To encourage, support, and assist in the growth and development of competitive traveling teams to participate in soccer matches with other teams affiliated with USFM.


B.        To develop, promote, serve and administer the game of soccer in the City of Saco, Dayton, Old Orchard Beach and its surrounding communities without travel soccer programs.



C.        To provide education, training and licensing opportunities for players, coaches and referees who are members of SSC.



D.        To encourage, support and assist in the growth of all aspects of the game soccer within the City of Saco.


E.         To encourage fair play, sportsmanship and teamwork throughout SSC.


F.         To do any and all acts necessary in the furtherance of the foregoing purposes, for the good of the game and soccer and for the welfare and safety of all children.


Section 2         To affect the foregoing purposes of SSC, SSC shall have such powers as are conferred upon by the Maine Non-Profit Corporations Act that:


A.       No part of the income of the SSC shall inure to the benefit of any member, Director, Officer, or private individual (except that reasonable compensation may be made for services rendered to or for SSC affecting one or more of its purposes). No member, Director, Officer or private individual shall be entitled to share in the distribution of any SSC assets upon dissolution of the SSC.


B.       SSC shall maintain its tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code.


Section 3     Division Funding and Membership


A.       No child shall participate on a SSC team who has not registered with SSC and USFM.


B.        No funds shall be raised or expended in behalf of SSC without approval of SSC Board of Directors.



Section 1         Membership shall consist of member players, coaches, trainers, managers, board of directors and officials.


A.     SSC is a soccer club, which is an amateur Maine organization that sponsors one or more soccer teams to compete in one or more soccer leagues or tournaments but does not provide opportunities for “in-house” competition among its own teams.


Section 2         A member player is a person of eight years of age or older who is a city of Saco, Dayton, or Old Orchard Beach student or from surrounding community without an eligible travel soccer clubs and who is admitted by the SSC, any player who is younger than eight years of age needs special approval by the Board of Directors.


Section 3         A member coach, trainer, manager, or official is a person who is admitted by the SSC after completing the application and registration procedures.



Section 4         Requirements for Membership

A.     Players: Before an individual may be admitted as a player, the individual (or the individual’s parent/guardian) must submit a written and signed registration on a form approved by the Board of Directors, pay to SSC the appropriate fee(s), submit proof of age, and otherwise comply with any additional requirements as shall be established by the Board of Directors.


B.     Coaches, trainers, managers, or officials: Coaches, trainers, managers, or officials are volunteers who have been approved by the Board of Directors by a majority vote.




C.     All member coaches must be approved by a majority vote of the Executive Board and must comply with the USFM adult registration procedure and meet all USFM licensing requirements, as well as abide by USFM’s Coaches Code of Ethics.


D.     All member coaches must abide by all decisions made by the Board of Directors and must carry out those decisions.



E.     No member coach can arbitrarily place a player on a team or make any decisions on player placement without approval of the Board of Directors.


F.     Member coaches may be suspended from their position by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Section 5         Non-Discrimination

Membership in the SSC shall not be denied to any individual because of race, color, age, religion, national origin, ethnic identity, parental or marital status, economic status, sex, or sexual orientation. SSC shall adopt and follow Soccer Maine’s policies prohibiting sexual and physical abuse.

Section 6         Rights and Privileges

The rights and privileges of any member may be suspended or terminated by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Reason for termination would be violation of USFM’s Coaches Code of Ethics or violation of any other set of rules put forth by the SSC.

Section 7         Voting Rights

Players, coaches, parents/guardians of players and community members may attend any meeting of the Board of Directors. They are encouraged to do so. They shall not vote on any matter before the Board of Directors, however, they may be asked to retire should the Board of Directors choose to address matters of a confidential nature in executive session.







Section 1        Officers

The officers of the Board of Directors shall consist of a President, Vice President/Director of Coaching, Vice-President of Equipment, Vice- President of Fund-Raising, Registrar, Treasurer, Secretary, two Directors representing boys’ teams and two Directors representing girls’ teams.

Section 2         President

The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the SSC. The President shall represent the SSC in meeting with other soccer organizations and with City of Saco Officials and groups when necessary. The President shall not cast a vote except in the case of a tie when the President shall cast the deciding vote.

Section 3         Vice-President of Coaching Development

The Vice-President of Coaching Development shall be responsible for recruiting new coaches and assist them in obtaining and maintaining the proper licenses in accordance to SoccerMaine requirements, as well as scheduling all coaching clinics.

Section 4         Vice-President of Equipment

The Vice-President of Equipment shall purchase, with Board approval, equipment and other materials for SSC. He/she shall maintain an inventory of all SSC property, including its number, condition and location and report to the Board on such matters or whenever is requested to do so by the Board.

Section 5         Vice-President of Fund-Raising

The Vice-President of Fund-Raising shall organize and direct any and all activities, campaigns, and appeals approved by the Board to raise money for SSC. Any moneys so raised will be reported and turned over to the Treasurer.

Section 6         Secretary

The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all SSC meetings, publicize all Board meetings, and perform all business correspondences.

Section 7         Registrar


The Registrar shall maintain and submit all registration/applications of coaches and players for SSC for Soccer Maine purposes. The Registrar will preside over meetings that the President cannot attend.

Section 8         Treasurer

The Treasurer shall be responsible for all SSC funds and shall keep a detailed accounting of all SSC financial transactions including expenses and moneys collected, he/she shall report on the financial condition of SSC to the Board at every Board meeting. The treasurer will upon request of the Board, arrange for an audit or review of SSC funds by an independent party.


Section 9         At-Large Directors

The SSC shall have four Directors that will be at large members. These members are responsible for being liaisons between player parents and the board of directors. These members will be Board members but not hold offices. They will not be coaches or spouses of coaches.  There shall be a minimum of one from boys’ teams and a minimum of one from girls’ teams.




Section 1         General Powers and Number of Directors

The affairs of the SSC shall be managed by its Board of Directors. The number of Directors shall be no less then five and no more than eleven, but may be altered by majority vote of the Directors at any time or by majority vote of those adult citizens attending the annual meeting.


Section 2         Executive Board

The Executive Board shall consist of the President, the Vice-President of Coaching Development, Vice-President of Equipment, Vice-President of Fundraising, Secretary, Registrar, and Treasurer. All members of the executive board will have an equal vote in an executive board meeting.


Section 3         Elections and Term of Office

Adult community members and parents/guardians of minor players shall elect Directors at the annual meeting. Directors so elected shall hold office for a term not to exceed one year, unless reelected by majority vote at the next annual meeting.

 Section 4         Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Board of Directors shall take place in May each year. The precise date and time and location of the meeting shall be made public in writing by the Secretary of the Board of Directors at least two weeks prior to the annual meeting.

Section 5         Regular Meeting

A majority of the Board of Directors may by resolution establish a time and place for regular meetings of the Board of Directors.

Section 6         Decision-Making

Each Board Director shall have one vote; as well as a coach from each team receives one vote. The coach must be present to cast a vote, if they are unable to attend, they may send representation, but must notify the President before the meeting. The act of simple majority of the Directors present and/or voting shall be the act of the Board of Directors except where the by-laws require a greater majority. A Director present at any Board meeting may vote on behalf of an absent member provided the absent member has contacted the President and given their consent.

Persons not elected to the Board may not vote on any matter before the Board under any circumstances.  The Board may also make such rules and regulations concerning the conduct of its business, as it may deem necessary.

Section 7         Special Meetings

A special meeting of the Board of Directors may be called by the President at his/her discretion or at the request of three Directors. The President shall establish time and place for special meetings.

Section 8         Meeting and Decision Making By Telecommunications

Regular or special meetings of the Board of Directors or any committees of the Directors may be held by means of a conference, telephone, e-mail or similar communications equipment enabling all persons in such a meeting to communicate with each other. Participation at such a meeting shall constitute presence of that person at such a meeting.

Section 9         Vacancies

Any vacancies occurring on the Board shall be filled by the affirmative vote of a majority of the remaining Directors. A person elected to fill a vacant position shall serve in that position for the balance of the time remaining in the term. A position filled due to expansion of the Board shall be filled by majority vote of the Board.

Section 10       Removals

A Director may be removed from office by the majority vote of the Executive Board for actions that would be deemed detrimental to the SSC.

Section 11       Compensation

Board members shall receive no salaries for their services. They may, however, receive compensation for travel or other expenses incurred on behalf of SSC if approved by majority vote of the Board of Directors. No moneys, however, may be solicited, collected or expended on behalf of SSC or any of its teams or members without the approval of a majority of the Board.



Section 1         Team Sizes 

Team sizes will follow the recommendation from Soccer Maine and will be as follows:

U9 and U10:  Maximum of 12 players

U11 and U12:  Maximum of 14 players

U13 and U14:  Maximum of 18 players

Section 2         Try-Out

SSC will hold annual try-outs for their fall travel teams in the spring of each year. These try-outs will be advertised at least 2 weeks in advance. Informational brochures will be distributed either in print or electronically within Saco, Dayton and Old Orchard School systems and other surrounding school systems without a travel team of their own (contingent upon the superintendent’s approval), advertised through social media and on the SSC web page.  Once registrations have closed, participants will be notified specific details about the tryout.

A.         If a player is unable to attend the try-out, they must contact the President or Director of Coaching prior to try-out to arrange for another try-out. No player will be placed on a team that requires the eliminating of players (cutting) without being evaluated.

B.         The try-out format will be decided by majority vote of the Board and will be publicized at the try-out.

C.         Only the Director of Coaching and the President of the SSC will review tryout evaluations. If one or both of those positions are vacant then no more than two board members, approved by the board, will review the evaluations in order to form teams.

 Section 3         Player Elimination

It is not the goal of the SSC to have to eliminate players.  If there are more players trying out than there are roster spots available, then players must be eliminated (cut).

A.       First criteria for elimination, is non-member communities that are trying out as a new player will be cut before returning SSC members.


B.   Second criteria for elimination (cut), is the try-out evaluation.


Section 4 Team Formations

After the try-out the evaluator and the Director of coaching along with the President will meet and make roster decisions, they may use the coaches input to form teams. The rosters will then be presented to the Executive board for approval. After the roster has been approved, the coach will make contact the prospective players within 48 hours. The prospective player has 24 hours to commit to being on the team.


Section 5         Team Meeting

All coaches are required to have a parent’s meeting prior to the beginning of the season to go over all expectations of the coach for the upcoming season.


Section 6         Playing Up

Players will be allowed to play up at the discretion of the board of directors of SSC.







Section 1         Adoption

These by-laws were originally adopted on 05/22/18. There will be no amendments made to these by-laws for a twelve-month period after they were originally adopted.


Section 2         Amendments

These by-laws may be amended, added to or repealed by a 2/3 majority vote of adult citizens attending any Saco Soccer Club meeting. There must be three readings of any amendment to the by-laws before the amendment can be voted on and the change to take affect.


ARTICLE IX        Disciplinary Code

Section 1         Zero-Tolerance Policy


Effective January 1, 2004



Each coach is responsible for his/her actions, the actions of his/her players and bench personnel. Each coach, player, and spectator shall at all times support the referee and assistant  referees. Failure to do so will undermine the referee’s authority, and has the potential of creating a hostile environment for the players, spectators, coaches, and referees alike. No one is to address the referee in a negative manner during or after the game.


Coaches’ communications with the referee and assistant referees:

Coaches and/or bench personnel may NOT address any member of the referee crew during play except for:

·        Responding to a referee initiated communication.

·        Making a request for substitutions.

·        Pointing out emergencies or safety issues, such as an injured player on the field.

·        To   request   clarification   of   any   call   provided   the   request   is   courteous   and   non- argumentative.


    ·        First infraction: Referee may stop the game and remind the coach or bench a personnel of Soccer Maine’s zero tolerance policy.


   ·        Second infraction: Caution. (No yellow card shall be shown to any coach or bench personnel). The referee may issue a final warning that a third infraction may result in an ejection.


    ·        Third infraction: Ejection. (No red card shall be shown to any coach or bench personnel). The referee may instruct the coach or bench personnel to leave the field. Thereafter, the ejected person must depart to a distance where he or she can no longer see or hear anything to do with the match. If the ejected person fails to leave the field, the referee may abandon the game.


    ·        Nothing in this rule may be construed to limit the referee’s discretion as granted by FIFA Laws of the Game.


Spectator communications with the referee and assistant referees:

Negative or critical comments directed to any member of the referee crew will not be tolerated.

·        First infraction: Referee may stop the game, request the assistance of both coaches,  and remind the spectator of Soccer Maine’s zero tolerance policy.

·        Second infraction: Referee may stop the game and issue a final warning that a third infraction may result in an ejection.

·        Third infraction:  The referee may instruct the coaches to  direct  the  spectator to  leave the field.  If the ejected person fails to leave the field, the referee may abandon the game.

·        Nothing in this rule may be construed to limit the referee’s discretion as granted by FIFA

Laws of the Game.




Should a referee eject any player, coach, bench personnel or spectator, and/or abandon a game, he/she shall notify the Soccer Maine office by phone at 942-0950.  If a game is abandoned prior to completion, the referee will make no determination as to the outcome of the match.  A written report of the pertinent facts should be sent to the Soccer Maine office within 24 hours.  The Soccer Maine office will refer the matter to its disciplinary committee for further action, if necessary, and/or to the appropriate competition committee for disposition of an abandoned game